I can't sync my Tempdrop!

Oh no! We are sorry that your syncing attempt didn't go smoothly but let's get this resolved for you. 

Error message


No Data to Upload

Removing the battery will erase any stored data. Wear again to receive a result after a battery change.

Other causes can be low battery or poor battery performance.

  • If the battery was not removed and the low battery alert is not visible, contact support for help.

Oops, Data Missing!

Tempdrop was not turned on since last being worn.

  • Check the sensor slow flashes green for 30 seconds after activation.

More Wear Time Needed

Tempdrop must be on and recording for a minimum of 3 hours.

  • Sensor may shut down if removed for a short time during the night.
  • Sensor may cool and shut down if it's too low, positioned over the muscle or the band is loose. Click here to check the wearing position.
  • A new recording session will be activated if the button is long-pressed. Avoid long-pressing the button after activation.

Invalid Temperature Result

The result is not valid. 

  • Keep Tempdrop away from external heat sources such as heat pads or bedside light bulb.
  • Click here to check the wearing position. Wearing too low, positioned over muscle or the band being loose can lead to invalid results.
  • Contact support if none of the above apply.

Sensor Disabled

Your sensor is disabled. No connection to the server can be made. 

  • Contact support by clicking the link in the error message or, via the app menu for further instructions. 

Not Enough Beauty Sleep

A minimum of two hours of sleep detection is required. Sleep does not have to be consecutive.

Temperature Already Recorded

Two valid sessions cannot be recorded on the same date. 

  • A session is recorded after 3 hrs of wearing time.
  • If Tempdrop is removed for more than 20 mins and cools below 30C/86F, it will shut down- turning it back on starts a new session.
  • Long pressing or syncing Temdrop during the night starts a new session.
  • Sessions are date-stamped by the time of shut down.

Syncing Failed

Server connection failure.

  • Check the internet connection, hard close the app, restart the phone and try syncing again.
  • If the above fails, Contact support via the app menu- Do not uninstall the app until further instruction is given by support. 

Can't find Tempdrop

Tempdrop failed to connect to the app when syncing. 

  • Check that the sensor shows a green flashing light when attempting to sync. If it's not turning on normally, contact support via the app menu. 
  • Ensure the battery-saving mode is turned off in phone settings.
  • Hard close the app to try again.
  • Click here or use the link in the message to resolve.

Bluetooth Connection Lost

The Bluetooth connection was lost. 

  • Turn Bluetooth off/on and then restart the sync
  • Hard close the app and restart the phone
  • If it isn't resolved, you can contact support via the app menu.
  • While waiting for a response, you may wish to try syncing using a different phone just once to retrieve your result. Data is stored on the server and not locally on the individual phone. 

Sync Attempt Has Already Been Made

Default message if a second syncing attempt is made.

No data is available.

  • Refer to the first error message displayed or contact support for assistance.
Other Contact support with any ongoing issues.

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