I can't sync my Tempdrop!

Oh no! We are sorry that your syncing attempt didn't go smoothly but let's get this resolved for you. 

Important message from the app development team:

Recently the new Tempdrop app 3.0 was launched and part of the ongoing app improvement and maintenance is your assistance as users-reporting any issues. This reporting helps us to identify and fix any new bugs that may occur.  

Currently, we are monitoring app connection problems so please go to your app menu and use the "Report an Issue" option to email the app's diagnostics logs to support. Send a detailed (video or screenshots are appreciated where possible) description of the problem you have encountered. Here is a short video demonstrating the normal syncing process for comparison. 

Once you have reported, feel free to try the following workarounds as they will likely resolve it and help you keep temping without interruption. Even if one of these works though, we would appreciate you sending the logs again to keep us informed. Let us know what worked/didn't work. The more information the better. 

Together we can ensure any problems are identified and fixed quickly. And remember, the support team is ready to help if you have any ongoing issues. Please don't hesitate to reach out. The direct contact email address is support@temp-drop.com.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.  

1. Can't find Tempdrop

2. Bluetooth connection lost  

3. Server error  

4. Not enough data   


Can't find Tempdrop

  • Ensure your phone's power-saving mode is turned off
  • For Android- check your location permissions for the Tempdorp app are turned on (go to phone settings>apps>Tempdrop>permissions)
  • Hard close the app from the background of your phone- open and try again
  • Log out and back in- try syncing again
  • Turn your phone into flight mode for 30 seconds and then try again
  • Sync just once with a different phone to restore the connection

Bluetooth connection lost

  • Go to your phone settings>applications and check if Bluetooth permissions for Tempdrop are still turned on
  • Turn your phone into flight mode for 30 seconds and then try again

If this problem persists, try syncing your Tempdrop just once using a different phone or smart tablet. This often works to reset the Bluetooth connection. Your data is stored on the server so your result will transfer. to your app once it's synced. 

'Server error' app fails to open

Tempdrop's app requires a strong stable internet connection to open and sync. 

  • Try switching between phone data and Wi-fi or moving to an area with a stronger signal  
  • If your internet signal is strong enough to stream video, and this error continues, try opening the app on a different phone just once and then open it on your primary phone again

If this fails to work, you can uninstall/ reinstall the app for this particular issue. Be sure to send the app logs before uninstalling as this step deletes the logs. 

'Server error' when syncing

If you have checked your internet connection and it is adequate, log out and back into the app and try again.

Not enough data

Click here for help.

Our team is always available to help if you need it. Simply email your app logs or use the Contact form and send a description along with order number/proof of purchase for help. As a best practice, we always recommend syncing your Tempdrop daily unless it's not possible. If you have synced 2-3 nights at once and have a missing night or two, we may not be able to define the cause. 


If you are experiencing any other problem syncing Contact Us for troubleshooting help.

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