How do I wear my Tempdrop?

Important note: Correct position and keeping the sensor firm against the skin is vital for accuracy and good readings. 

Your Tempdrop sensor is worn over the axillary artery area just below the armpit. To help position it correctly, flex your arm and feel for the soft skin between the bicep and triceps. Curvier ladies may need to wear it closer to the armpit over the thinnest skin. 

The sensor's tip should be orientated towards the elbow, and the metal button should be against the skin. 

Your armband must be adjusted so it's very firm without causing discomfort to ensure the sensor maintains good skin contact and doesn't move during sleep. Use the hooks on your band to lock your size, and slide it on/off daily to maintain consistency. The elastic can stretch over time, so be sure to readjust if needed once in a while. 


  • Don't switch arms mid-cycle, as this can influence your temp range. If circumstances mean you do need to switch positions, note that change and take it into consideration when interpreting your results. 
  • Periodically check the armband tightness as the band is prone to stretch over time. Hook the band to lock the size in place; sliding it off and on each night will help keep your tightness consistent. 
  • The supplied armband is completely modular; you can create an alternative if you wish.

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