Cannot find Tempdrop

 Your Tempdrop sensor hasn't connected to the app but don't worry, we will help. 

Ensure low battery mode is off, Bluetooth permissions are enabled and for Android, location is on. Close the app completely from the background, then open it to try again.

Review and follow the steps to sync

  1. Press the start syncing button in the app
  2. Long press the sensor button for 3-5 seconds (until it starts rapid flashing)

Failed to connect? 

Go to your app menu and use the 'Contact Support' option to email your app's diagnostic logs to support. 

Include as much detail as possible in the email for a quicker resolution. Let the team know:

  • The error are you experiencing (Cannot find Tempdrop)
  • Does your Tempdrop sensor start flashing green, if so, is it rapid flashing or slow blinking?
  • Does your Tempdrop sensor turn on when not attempting to sync?

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