How do I sync my Tempdrop to my phone?

Follow these steps to sync your Tempdrop and obtain your single nightly sleeping temperature result. 

Open the Tempdrop app and press 'Sync Tempdrop'
Long press your sensor button for 2-3 seconds to connect. The app will change from searching to syncing.
IOS keep the app open in the foreground until the sync is completed. Android will sync in the background. 
  • The sensor light will rapid flash green to indicate it's connected and syncing. 
  • If the connection is not made within 2-5 seconds, hard close the app and try again.
  • Syncing takes around 40-60 seconds for an average night of data. 
  • If the sensor continues to rapid flash after syncing is complete, simply long-press the sensor button again to reset. 

The Tempdrop sensor can hold a maximum of 24 hrs of recorded data. This allows for three average 8 hr nights before it needs to be synced but it's best practice to sync daily when possible to avoid over-recording, which will lead to missed temps. 

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