Accuracy depends on correct use!

As with any product, correct use is vital to ensure accuracy and that you are getting the best from your Tempdrop. Read on to run a few simple checks so you are not left confused. 

Wearing position

It's very important your Tempdrop sensor is positioned correctly and secured so that vibration or movement is minimal. These factors can affect the results you receive so it's worth a review.

Changing results

Did you know that Tempdrop's algorithm will apply updates to your previous 2 results each day upon syncing to filter any variables that may have affected your initial result? This smart learning technology means you can receive accurate results no matter what sleeping or environmental changes you experience. The filtering doesn't begin until your 14th sync so don't be surprised if your first few temps are not as smooth as you would expect.

First 60-days

While algorithm filtering starts after 2 weeks of use, and most see clear charts from that point, we recommend allowing a buffer of 60 days during the early learning phase. The algorithm will continue to learn and adjust with your changing circumstances through life but this time period is the most significant. What does that mean for you, especially if you are avoiding pregnancy?  

Interpreting your results

At this time, the Tempdrop app does not include a charting feature or cycle predictions. If you are new to cycle tracking and need help to interpret your results, download our free Introduction guide to fertility awareness or join our exclusive Facebook user group. Once you sync your nightly result you can input it into any 3rd party fertility charting app or pop it on a paper chart. There are a few charting apps that have auto integration available which saves the step of manual input. 

If you need help or have questions as you continue on your temping journey, go to your Tempdrop app menu>FAQ to browse the dedicated user support site or contact our support team. 

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