Top tracking tips with Tempdrop

You've started your journey and want to make the most of your fertility tracking. Here are our top tips to becoming a pro as you wait for your cycle patterns to emerge. 

Consistency is key

Forming new habits can take some time but you can totally do this. 

  • Store your Tempdrop where you can see it before sleep
  • Set a reminder to track daily
  • Team up with a tracking buddy to keep each other motivated
  • Set smaller achievable goals in your fertility journey and review them regularly

Don't limit yourself

While we usually start out cycle tracking with a specific purpose in mind, you will be amazed at what you can learn when you tap into your body more intimately. Cycle charting can allow you to...

Why not pick a subject and start learning more today. 

Be patient

We want to reach our fertility goals as soon as possible but it's important to be patient with our bodies and it takes some time for our cycle patterns to emerge. You have taken the first steps, so be sure to reward yourself for that achievement. 

  • Don't look at individual results for clues of ovulation; Watch for the pattern over a number of days
  • Remember that our bodies are not robots; Our patterns can change from one cycle to the next
  • The first 14 days with Tempdrop can be a little up and down; Things will improve from day 15
  • Often we are looking back across our cycle chart retroactively to get the big picture; If something isn't clear yet, give it another few days

Find reliable resources

Download our free Introduction guide to fertility awareness, browse our extensive blog page and join our exclusive Facebook user group to start tapping into a wealth of cycle tracking knowledge. 

If you need help or have questions as you continue on your temping journey, go to your Tempdrop app menu>Help and FAQs to browse the dedicated user guide or contact our support team. 

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