Tempdrop's light indications

The light sequences from your Tempdrop sensor will let you know it's status.  

Slow flashing green

When turning on your sensor, it will slow flash green for 30 seconds only and then stop to indicate it has been activated. It's best to start wearing it while it is still flashing to ensure it warms up in time to stay on and in recording mode.

Quick flash red

A quick red flash when you press the button indicates it is off. 

Quick green flash

A single green flash when you quick press the button means it is on. Long pressing the button when it is already on will restart the session so be sure to only press it once if you are checking if it's still on during the night.

Rapid green flashing

The sensor is connected to the app and syncing. If it fails to disconnect once syncing is complete, simply long-press and hold to break the connection. 

Red flashes at the end of slow blinking green

Your sensor is full of data and needs to be synced. The sensor can hold up to 24 hrs (3 average nights) of recorded data. Once it is full it will start to erase your results so it's important to sync frequently. We recommend syncing daily whenever possible to avoid this issue. 

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