Tempdrop temps vs Oral results, should they match?

If you are already using a traditional BBT thermometer, you may want to cross-check the results for a cycle or two to ensure Tempdrop is working well for you. 

Will my Tempdrop vs BBT results be the same each day?

No. Tempdrop can read in a different range (higher or lower) than a traditional BBT reading. Tempdrop is a different type of thermometer and captures a sleeping temp result instead of a waking temperature. 

Look for the pattern over the course of your cycle rather than compare each day. 

Will my temp shift day match with both sets of results each cycle? 

Not always, but this doesn't mean there is a problem. Charting your fertility signs will not narrow your ovulation down to a specific day. Instead, it gives you information to help identify the ovulation narrow window (approximately where ovulation occurred). Cross-checking your shift with other fertility signs, such as LH and CM will help you understand if your temp rise is connected to your ovulation event.

A couple of days' difference in shifts between thermometers is not unusual. 

  • Tempdrop results may be more variable within the first week of use
  • Traditional BBT temp results can be higher or lower than Tempdrop
  • Compare the pattern of both sets of temps over the course of the cycle - not each individual day

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