Where can I find out more about charting my cycles?

Tempdrop is a tool designed to help you on your charting journey without the stress of traditional BBT temping. It's best used in conjunction with a Symptothermal method of fertility charting.

If you are new to cycle tracking and need more guidance, here are some options to get you started:

Free Introduction Guide to Fertility Awareness

We have put together a beautifully illustrated introductory guide that includes information about:

  • your primary fertility signs, and how to track them, 
  • the optimal time to get pregnant,
  • your hormone health,
  • PLUS much more!

. You can get your free copy here.

Blog Page

Looking for information about specific aspects of Fertility charting, go to our Blog page and have a browse.

Tempdrop user Facebook group

If you have Facebook, be sure to join our community of Tempdrop users. This exclusive group is made up of many experienced charting ladies who are always happy to help. We even have some fertility awareness educators who can help you if you want to dig deeper. You can post questions or just browse around to learn from other users. If you do decide to post a question, be sure to let everyone know where you are at in terms of knowledge and your reason for charting to give them the background information they need to best help you.

Our volunteer admins have done an amazing job of compiling a list of resources so check out the group files and albums when you join. 

Click here to join.

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