How do I integrate Tempdrop with my charting app?

You can use Tempdrop with any chosen fertility charting app by manually entering your daily temps but some apps have a Tempdrop auto-integration feature to save you a step.

Auto Integration 

This feature will auto-populate your Tempdrop temp in your chart after syncing each day. 


Open the OvuView app, go to Menu>Settings>Account Specific Settings.  Enter your Tempdrop user credentials^ and you’re done! 

Sync your Tempdrop and then open OvuView to pull the temp. 

If you have opened OvuView before syncing, go to the Tempdrop integration setting and select 'sync now'.

Chart Neo 

(by Neofertilty)

 Open Chart Neo, go to menu>Tempdrop and select 'link to Tempdrop'. Enter your Tempdrop credentials and grant permission to NeoFertility. 

Sync your Tempdrop and then open Chart Neo to pull the temp. 

To manually pull a temp, tap the Tempdrop logo in your temperature data entry screen.

Read Your Body

Go to settings>Tempdrop Integration and select "connect your Tempdrop account". Enter your Tempdrop user credentials and login. 

Approve the permission for RYB to collect Tempdrop data.  

Each day select "Pull data from Tempdrop" under the data setting to integrate your new temp and any updated results into your chart. 


To turn on Tempdrop integration in the kegg app, download the latest kegg app update

In the kegg app, go to “PROFILE”> “Apps & Services”> “Tempdrop LTD.” Select “Connect”

You will be taken to Tempdrop’s login page and asked to approve the integration

^OvuView will not accept special characters in a password. If you need to reset, log out of your Tempdrop app and use the forgot password option. 

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