Is Tempdrop approved as a contraceptive or birth control alternative?

The Tempdrop device and app are intended as complementary instruments to enhance your ability to monitor your fertility and share health details. The app and its wearable sensor, in themselves, are not, nor are they intended to be, a substitute for contraception or a birth control method. We recognize the need of some to use the data and information provided to support ongoing health and menstrual cycle tracking, however, it is important to note that this should NOT be used as a substitute for an in-presence qualified professional, medical analysis, advice, guidance, or treatment

The Tempdrop App uses the base guidelines common to most known and proven Symptothermal methods (STM) of fertility awareness to help you identify ovulation as well as your fertile window each cycle. Whilst the Tempdrop App interpretations are based on the STM of fertility awareness, the interpretations provided are intended to only be used as a complement to your chosen family planning decisions. The interpretations should not be solely relied upon for the purpose of contraception, birth control, or medical purposes. Therefore we strongly advise seeking a qualified Fertility Awareness instructor or other self-teaching resources to learn a symptothermal method and support your fertility journey.

Tempdrop does not guarantee the accuracy of the product measurement outputs. Optimal performance is dependent on correct and consistent use.  Individual usage, wearing, input, and circumstances can affect the data. The user is fully responsible for the individual data inputs.

By using the Tempdrop app and sensor you agree to the full terms of service found here.

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