Tempdrop charting feature interpretations

The Tempdrop app uses a custom set of scientifically-backed calculations to interpret fertility symptoms to track ovulation. 


A cover line is placed through the highest of the previous 6 results. One of 3 calculations may be applied to verify a valid temperature shift. 
  • Standard rise: 1st temp must be at least 0.05C/0.1F above the cover line and 3rd day must reach a minimum of 0.2C/0.4F above the line. 

  • Exception 1: If the 3rd day doesn't reach the required value, a 4th day above the line is needed.

  • Exception 2: If the 2nd or 3rd temp falls to or below the line, a 4th temp is required and it must reach a minimum of 0.2C/0.4F above the line

Cervical Mucus

Categories are as displayed in the chart. If sensation is selected  but no visual observation is entered, the sensation will be displayed on the chart in one one of the visual categories (wet= egg white for example).
Peak day (P) is the last day of the most fertile type for that cycle before it changes back down the categories to less fertile/none. The 3 days following peak have to either stay the same or go down the fertility scale for the app to set Peak day and add a count of 123. If one of those 3 days goes back up in the fertility scale, a new peak day will be identified. If CM is not entered, the P will move to that day identifying it as possibly fertile. Blank days are categorized as possibly fertile a safety buffer. 
Peak day indication will be locked in place after ovulation is verified.    

Ovulation verification

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