Premium features-interpretation and fertility insights

Disclaimer: Fertility and ovulation insights are provided as a guide only. The app and its wearable sensor, in themselves, are not, nor are they intended to be, a fertility monitor, a substitute for contraception, or a birth control method.

Tempdrop premium app subscription offers additional insights and data interpretation. Upgrade today and get the first 3 months free for more from our all-in-one charting solution. 

Select Premium in the app menu and subscribe. You will see the 3 months free trial before processing. 

Fertility window insights

See real-time fertile window estimates and verification. This window is estimated based on your unique cycle history and then verified based on new data entered. Tap on the green window in the cycle wheel to see your estimate or interpretation for any cycle day. In chart view, find the fertile window under the chart labeled(F). 

Temperature data interpretation

Temperatures jump and remain in a sustained higher range after ovulation occurs*. To evaluate if a rise in temps can validate that ovulation likely occurred, scientifically-backed rules outlining how high temps need to shift and for how many days must be used. Our premium option will automatically interpret your results for you. Once the rules have been met, a red horizontal line known as a coverline (used for temp range interpretation) will appear and the days from the start of the upward shift will be counted. Some fertility awareness methods use this count to determine their luteal phase length and to count days past ovulation. 

Cervical mucus interpretation

In the lead-up to ovulation, cervical mucus generally increases in quantity, and the quality changes to a more fertile type. After ovulation, it abruptly changes back to a non-fertile quality. The last day of observing fertile type mucus before this abrupt change is known as "Peak day". Identifying peak day and then adding a count of 3 days in which there is no return of fertile type mucus assists in identifying ovulation and closing the fertile window. Automatic detection of peak day and adding the count is a premium feature. 

Ovulation day indication

The precise day of ovulation can only be verified by a well-timed ultrasound but charting fertility signs is the next best thing to narrowing down approximate ovulation. An ovulation day indication dot is visible on both the home screen cycle wheel and chart. Until ovulation is verified by symptoms (temperature shift and/or peak day) the ovulation indication is estimated by your unique cycle history. When subscribed to premium, this ovulation indication dot will be adjusted to the day before the temperature shift once it's verified. This can be used as a guide for approximate ovulation.  

* An upward temperature shift can be influenced by other factors outside of ovulation. Cross-checking a temperature rise against other fertility signs is always recommended when making fertility decisions. Results can vary depending on individual circumstances.

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