Tempdrop app premium features

Tempdrop premium app subscription offers additional insights and data interpretation. Upgrade today and get a free trial for more from our all-in-one charting solution.

Tempdrop Academy 

Access to your personal fertility awareness mini course. Learn as you go with this self-paced, interactive beginner's guide to all things cycle tracking. Find Tempdrop academy through the app menu.  

Sleep data

Track your sleep quality with Tempdrop. See an overall sleep score based on:

  • the time taken to fall asleep
  • the number and length of interruptions throughout the recording session
  • the total time you were actually asleep
  • deep sleep duration 

Just for fun, find the option to overlay your nightly temperature curve. This raw temp data is a combination of the skin and microenvironment temperature sensors and does not represent body temperature only. Expect to see your temp curve at its highest when sleeping deeply and lower when awake/moving.

Fertility insights and interpretation

Select your purpose of use below to see your customized cycle insights.

Trying to Conceive 

Know My Body

Practice Fertility Awareness

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