Manual charting mode

Manual mode allows you to interpret your own chart, setting your temp shift and peak day according to your own rules. This is a free app feature. Turning on the manual mode will:

  • round temperature values in your chart view for easy interpretation
  • turn off all predictions and fertile window interpretation 

Turn on manual mode

  1. Go menu>App & User settings, and open "App settings"
  2. Toggle on Manual interpretation

Set your cover line 

  1. Navigate to the chart 
  2. Press and hold on the temp scale to open the option to set your cover line 
  3. Select your preferred cover line range and confirm. 

Select temperature shift

  1. Navigate to the date of the first day of your temperature shift and open symptoms
  2. Select body temperature 
  3. Check the Temperature Shift box next to your Tempdrop result

Temperature results in the chart will be numbered from the first day of your temperature shift. 

Mark your cervical mucus peak day

  1. Navigate to the date of your peak day and open symptoms
  2. Select cervical mucus
  3. Check the box to Mark Peak Day

Peak day will be marked by a P on your chart and a count of 3 days will follow.  

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