How do I send my app logs?

Tempdrop's app logs are needed by our tech team to diagnose problems with your sensor or certain syncing issues. It's very important that you don't uninstall your app when troubleshooting unless advised, as this deletes the logs. Without these, we are limited in our ability to help resolve problems. 

To send your logs, open your phone's email app, minimize it in the background, and then go to your Tempdrop app menu to select the "report an issue" option:

This will open an email with the support email address pre-filled. Add a description to the email of your request or problem and send it. If your email was successfully sent, you will receive an auto-reply right away. 

If you are using the older Tempdrop app version 2.0, this is found under settings>send app logs to support.

The logs must be sent from the phone or tablet used to sync your Tempdrop. If you at times use a different phone to sync, be sure to let support know. 

IOS users

To use this option, you must have your phone's native email app activated. Here is a link if you need help to set it up. 3rd party charting apps such as Gmail can be selected as default email for IOS 14. This is a new option added by Apple recently. 


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