Broken armband frame solutions

If you have experienced a broken armband frame you have a couple of options to keep you going while you wait for a replacement to arrive. Please find these suggestions below along with the instructions on how to swap the frame over once you have a new one. 

Frame repair

If you decide to use super glue to repair your frame, dab the spot in a little baking soda or add tissue paper while the glue is still wet to bond it to the plastic.

Alternative band

Make an elastic cuff that fits firmly over your bicep 
to tuck your sensor in place. 
An easy option is the leg section of a sock or a section 
of nylon pantyhose.

How to swap to your new armband frame

Here are two video demonstrations of how to switch it over to help you out*. 

No tools 
(You may like to use a thin metal blade to save your nails)
Using cuticle cutters as a tool

A final word

Please be assured we have been working hard behind the scenes to resolve this flaw permanently. In October 2019 we started shipping out a new version that has been performing much better than previous frames. We are quietly confident we have the solution now but only time under real user conditions will tell. In the meantime, we will continue to replace any frame that is broken or has a visible flaw^ and forge ahead to a solution as quickly as time and resources allow. We appreciate your ongoing understanding and support.  

*You will need to use your current pins as we no longer supply new pins with each frame. Pins are inexpensive and available from any watch repair store or online. They are 20mm standard watch band pins.

^Our new version has visible molding lines that are not a flaw. Click here to see the look and fit of this frame.  

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