How can I tell when my battery running low?

Tempdrop has a low battery notification in-app.

When your battery starts to run low, you will receive a pop-up notification after you sync. This notification will trigger before the battery is critically low to give you time to obtain a replacement before anything is affected. The notification will continue to trigger each day until you install your new battery. 

To find the step-by-step battery change guide go to your app menu>Help & FAQs and select "Battery replacement guide".


  • I have lower or declining temps this cycle, is that due to a low battery?

No. A changed temp range or pattern is not caused by a low battery. If you have any concerns about your temp results, please contact us for a check before trying any troubleshooting options. 

  • What type of battery is it - do I need to purchase one from the Tempdrop store?

Tempdrop requires a very common coin cell type (watch) battery. The model is CR2032, and these are readily available at any store that sells watch batteries for just a few dollars. 

  • How long will the battery last?

Typically a good-quality battery will last, on average, around six months with daily use.

  • If I change it mid-cycle, will that affect my temp results?

No. Changing the battery mid-cycle will not alter your temp range or results. Opening the sensor will erase any stored session so be sure to sync beforehand.

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