How can I tell when my battery running low?

Tempdrop has a low battery notification in-app.

When your battery starts to run low, you will receive a pop-up notification after you sync. This notification will trigger before the battery is critically low to give you time to obtain a replacement before anything is affected. You will see a link to our battery replacement guide in the app giving you all the information you need to change it. The notification will continue to trigger each day until you install your new battery. 


  • I have lower or declining temps this cycle, is that due to a low battery?

No. A changed temp range or pattern is not caused by a low battery. If you have any concerns about your temp results, please contact us for a check before trying any troubleshooting options. 

  • What type of battery is it - do I need to purchase one from the Tempdrop store?

Tempdrop requires a very common coin cell type (watch) battery. The model is CR2032 and these are readily available at any store that sells watch batteries for just a few dollars. 

  • How long will the battery last?

Typically a good quality battery will last around 10-12 months with daily use.

  • If I change it mid-cycle, will that affect my temp results?

No. Changing the battery mid-cycle will not alter your temp range or results. Opening the sensor will erase any stored session so be sure to sync beforehand.

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