Tempdrop Algorithm

Tempdrop's algorithm takes your whole night's data and calculates your sleeping temperature. It works to both learn your unique sleeping temperature patterns and filter out disturbances to temperature readings.

Update: From December 2022, Tempdrop's temperature algorithm was upgraded. Please click here for the latest information. If you have noticed your previous two temperatures changing after syncing a new result, read on to learn why. 

Your first 14 results

At first, Tempdrop gives you an accurate core body temperature without filtering variables that may have affected your result. While it's not unusual to see results that are more up and down during this phase, for many, temp patterns are good from the beginning. 

If your results seem jagged, ensure your wearing position is correct and your armband is adequately tight, then keep using it as normal. 

Improvements will start on your 15th sync.

15 nights of data

The real power of Tempdrop starts at 15 nights of data collection. It's at this point the variable filtering starts, and your previous two results may start to adjust retroactively with each new sync. 

If you are using a charting app that does not have auto integration, you should go back over your chart and update any temps that change, as these are the most accurate. Auto-integrated apps will automatically make these changes. 

The adjustments will be most notable when you have a questionable or out-of-the-ordinary night (poor sleep, alcohol, environmental changes, etc. Women who have very disturbed sleep patterns may see bigger changes. The Algorithm will continue to learn and adjust to your circumstances throughout life, so don't worry if your sleep habits, environment, or cycle patterns change. 

If you feel your updated results are not following your cycle pattern, please Contact Us with your user email address (app login) and chart/s outlining your concerns. We will run a data check backstage and help you get the best from your Tempdrop.


  • If I miss a night during the first 14 days, will this reset my learning phase?

No, the recorded nights do not have to be consecutive. If you miss 1,2, or even 10 nights, just pick it back up and continue as normal. 

  • Can I use my initial temp results to interpret my cycle right away?

Many women see a clear pattern emerge over the 15-30 day initial learning phase. If your cycle pattern is clear and  cross-checks with other fertility symptoms, you may feel comfortable confirming ovulation in your first cycle chart. Each woman's experience is unique. Some who have much poorer sleep patterns may take a little longer to feel confident in their results. 

  • Should I wait an extra 1-2 days after a confirmed shift to see how the algorithm changes my results?

As Tempdrop is a new technology, some may feel a little uncomfortable with the changing results at first. These users feel it's best to add an extra 1-2 days after their temperature shift before confirming the shift is valid (TS+4/5). This is a personal choice. Over time, most trust the results on day 3 of a shift that has been validated with their other fertility signs as per their method rules.   

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