Tempdrop battery change guide (English)

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions to change the battery in your Tempdrop sensor. Correct opening and closing are vital to avoid damage and ensure longevity.

What you need

  • CR2032 3v battery (do not insert any other type of battery)
  • Plastic opening tool (included in each box or search for "plastic phone opening tool" to buy online)

Important information ⚠️

  • Inserting the battery incorrectly or using the wrong battery type can cause damage and may void the warranty.
  • Watch the video through before attempting to open the sensor.
  • Do not place pressure on the centre of the sensor.
  • The sensor must be opened in the correct order of opening points; work back and forth between the points if they don't immediately release.
  • Removing the battery will erase stored data on the sensor; sync before opening.
  • Type B sensors may not have a white internal sticker as demonstrated in the video.

For help or more information regarding battery change, contact our team at support@temp-drop.com.

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