I have a new Tempdrop sensor, what do I need to know to start using it?

Swapping to a new Tempdrop is super easy. When you have it and are ready to record your first night's data...

  1. turn it on
  2. wear it for the first night 
  3. sync it to the app as normal

What you need to know!

  •  All your data is stored on the server, so you don't need to change anything. 
  • Make sure you sign into the app using the same user credentials
  • Switching to a new sensor will not restart your account or data collection.
  • ⚠ Please be mindful of a possible temp range change when switching to your new sensor (temps may be higher or lower with the new sensor). 

That's it, told you it was easy😊.

PS. Don't forget to keep your sensor away from the old one, so you don't accidentally mix them up in the future. 

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