A new sensor was detected but I haven't swapped!

We have detected that a different sensor was detected by the app. Let's check what may have happened. 

Is there another Tempdrop user nearby? 

If someone else has attempted to sync their Tempdrop and they are close to your phone, your app may have picked up that sensor first. In this case, try to avoid syncing at around the same time when possible. We don't want your data mixed up! 😊

Mix up? 

If you have had access to another Tempdrop sensor since last syncing, then you may have inadvertently picked up the wrong one. Perhaps...

  • You have swapped to a new device in the past and still have the old one stored away
  • You met up with someone else that has a Tempdrop and were comparing notes (and sensors😜)
  • Decided to purchase a gift of a Tempdrop for a loved one and were making sure it was in working order before handing it over

Whatever the case, please double-check and swap back to your previously used device.

If you need more help, please feel free to hit "contact support", and our team can assist.  

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