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Setting up your Tempdrop

Pull the armband through the frame to form a loop
Click your sensor into the armband frame
Place the Tempdrop on your arm and adjust your size. The sensor will sit over the soft dip just below the armpit hairline. Tip of the sensor points toward the elbow. 
Thread the hook through a lace loop to lock your size- slide it on and off each day


  • Your armband must be very firm (without causing discomfort) to maintain adequate skin contact overnight with minimal movement. If the sensor moves, it can lead to poor quality data.
  • The sensor may be loose in the frame, be sure to hold onto it when it's off your arm

Using your Tempdrop

Turn on the sensor. Press and hold the pink button for 2-3 seconds. Slow flashing green indicates it is now on. 

Place the Tempdrop on your arm and adjust the position.

Go to sleep- leaving it on all night even if you get up to the bathroom or to care for baby.
When you are up for the day, remove your Tempdrop. The sensor will auto shut off after it has been removed and it cools below 86F/30C


  • Keep it on all night even if your sleep is interrupted
  • The sensor will auto shut off after it has been removed and it cools below 86F/30C

Getting ready to sync

Google play

App store

Install the Tempdrop app onto your Phone. Follow the prompts to create your user account and set your preferences. 

Note: Do not pair the sensor with your phone through Bluetooth settings. The app will make the connection. 

Syncing and viewing your results


Open the Tempdrop app and press  'Sync Tempdrop'

Long press your sensor button for 2-3 seconds. Changing from slow to rapid green flashing indicates it's connected.
Keep the app open in the foreground until syncing is complete
View your result and add other fertility symptoms

  • One night's data will take around 30-60 seconds to sync.
  • You can use Wi-Fi or phone data to sync.
  • The sensor can hold a maximum of 24hrs recording time (3 x 8 hr average nights) between syncs. Over recording can lead to lost data. Sync daily whenever possible as best practice. 

Box contents

Important information

Before using this product, please read the following 

Tempdrop is a wearable sleeping temperature thermometer for use along with a Symptothermal Method Fertility Awareness (STM) to track your Menstrual cycle.

Following the directions will help prevent incorrect use of the product.

The Tempdrop sensor algorithm can, in some cases take up to 60 days to best learn your personal temperature patterns. We encourage users to keep in mind that it may take up to the full 2 months to see the best resultsIf you are already tracking your basal body temperature (BBT), you can continue to do so for a time to validate that Tempdrop’s readings correlate with your regular thermometer cycle chart. It’s normal for Tempdrop results to be slightly higher or lower than oral readings.

Alcohol consumption, medications, and various medical conditions may alter your sleeping temperature.

If you have any concerns about your results in the first 60 days, please Contact Us for troubleshooting help.

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