Data quality is below the minimum threshold

Oh, how frustrating, but don't worry, we can help ensure this doesn't happen again. Here are two primary reasons this may occur. 

1. Check the sensor position and armband tightness. 

The Tempdrop sensor must be positioned close to the armpit. Feel for the soft dip just below the armpit hairline to find where to place it. Larger ladies may need to wear it a little higher over the thinnest skin for optimal readings. 

Check your armband tightness. It should be very firm without causing discomfort. Firm enough to keep the sensor in good contact with skin even during movement. 

Click here if you need help reviewing your position. 

2. Wearing Tempdrop outside of regular sleeping hours

Tempdrop is not designed to be worn for long periods of time before or after sleep. In general, it's best practice to turn it on and wear it no longer than 1/2 before settling down to sleep and then remove it right after waking for the day. Wearing the device outside of sleeping hours can lead to low data quality. 

The Tempdrop algorithm can filter out times you wake up and moving AFTER initially going to sleep but wearing it before and after your sleep session can, in some cases, disrupt the data quality. 

  • Only turn on and wear your Tempdrop as close to sleep as possible (within 1/2 hr)
  • Ensure the position of the sensor is correct and the armband is firm

A final word

If you have run these checks and receive this error again, contact our support team through the app for a review. 

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