Fabric armband setup

  1. Align the Tempdrop sensor so that, once inserted, the pink button touches the mesh on the front of the band. The metal circle on the bottom of the sensor will be positioned in the middle of the hole on the back of the band, touching the skin. 
  2. Stretch the hole on the back of the band with your fingers and then insert the Tempdrop sensor tip first. Work the fabric over the sensor until it slips into the pocket. 

Hook the band to your approximate size and then slide on the arm, pulling it up over the bicep. Position the sensor over the soft skin, close to the armpit, tip towards the elbow. If it needs adjusting, slide off and move the hooks until it feels correct. The band should be firm without causing discomfort. Add the extender* if needed. 

Leave your band hooked at the correct size and slide it on/off daily. Recheck your sizing after a time as it may stretch a little with use. 

*Extra extenders can be added if required. These are inexpensive, standard bra extenders available online or at local stores. Look for a "3 hook bra extender". 


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