Is Tempdrop suitable for irregular cycles?

Tempdrop is made up of two different tools to aid in tracking cycles. The sensor to record a nightly sleeping temp result (BBT) and an accompanying app that is used to sync the results from the sensor. This app will soon have an optional charting feature that has both fertility predictions and interpretation built-in. 

"Tempdrop's charting feature interpretaions and predictions are   
not suitable for use with irregular cycles. The Tempdrop sensor can be used
by all; the temperature accuracy is not dependent on regular ovulation"
Tempdrop 3.0 - Charting app
Tempdrop sensor

Those with irregular cycles can track symptoms and view their chart. Users may still find the interpretation side useful as a guide (valid temperature shifts and cervical mucus patterns will still be detected) but results should always be cross-checked with a Symptothermal method*. We are working on irregular cycle capability for a future update. Predictions are based on regular cycles and are provided as estimates only.  The Tempdrop sensor is an easy-to-use temping tool designed to help women track their cycles. Anyone can use Tempdrop to obtain an accurate nightly sleeping temperature result (BBT) no matter their cycle patterns. Tempdrop's temp results are not affected by a lack of regular Ovulatory events. 

*Find a free introductory guide to fertility awareness methods here.

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