What if I have a fever, should I wear my Tempdrop?

While Tempdrop is a star when it comes to filtering variables, illness can be the exception.

In general, Symptothermal methods of fertility awareness all teach that illness can affect your cycle chart and to note any temps on days you feel you may be ill as possibly questionable. The same holds true when using Tempdrop as your temping tool. 

You know you are sick

It's not recommended to wear your Tempdrop when you are knowingly ill. The results will be skewed regardless. Wearing your sensor can lead to bigger retroactive updates and confusing results on your chart for a couple of days either side of the affected days. While the algorithm may be able to successfully filter some cases of mild illness overnight, it's best to wait until you are well again to resume temping.

You developed a fever through the night

We know that sometimes things change overnight and you might find yourself with an abnormally high result after unknowingly recording during a fever. The best course of action here is to mark it as questionable on your chart and then be mindful of your results for a day or two once you resume temping. Your chart could be skewed for a few days surrounding the affected result/s, treat the temps as questionable and exercise extra caution especially if you are avoiding pregnancy. 

Being caught out for a night or two will not have an ongoing effect on the algorithm.

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