I have a positive OPK, have I ovulated?

Ovulation predictor kit (OPK) tests are a great addition to your ovulation tracking regime. These urine testing strips or kits detect a rise in Luteinizing hormone (LH), which is essential in triggering ovulation. A positive result can signal that ovulation should occur within the next 12-36 hrs. 

Does an LH surge guarantee that ovulation will be successful? 

No. If hormone levels are not quite ideal, an ovulation attempt can fail even if LH surges. In addition, some conditions, like PCOS, can cause higher than normal LH levels, which will be detected by an OPK when ovulation isn't happening.  

How can we validate that ovulation was successful? 

While a positive surge in LH can signal that an ovulation attempt is underway, temperatures will help validate that ovulation was successful. If temperatures fail to rise (temperature shift) within a 5/6 day window after a positive OPK, it is best to keep testing and watch for ovulation later in the cycle. 

OPK test results can be recorded in the Tempdrop app for your own records. Find the option under symptoms.

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