I work shifts, how can I get the most from my Tempdrop?

To receive a temp result when working shifts, here's what to do:

  • Wear your Tempdrop for your longest sleep session in the 24-hour date period
  • Tempdrop must be worn for a minimum of 3 hours to record a result
  • A minimum of 2 hours of sleep must be detected during a recording session. Sleep time does not have to be consecutive 
  • Recording sessions are ended (date stamped) when the sensor is removed and it shuts off
  • Only one recording session per day (24 hr date period) can be synced
  • Don't turn on and wear Tempdrop for long periods of time before or after your sleep session (wearing it while awake can cause inconsistent readings)
  • If you are on call and your sleep is interrupted for a short time, leave Tempdrop on (for example, you take a phone call but don't have to attend to any duties and will return to bed)

Results for those working shifts can vary. It is best to make a note in your chart when switching from day to night and watch the pattern across your cycle to determine how it's working for you. 

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