"Not Enough Data" syncing error

To obtain a result, your nightly recording session must be more than 3 hours. It's not required to sleep consecutively for the entire recording session. If you are sure you turned on your Tempdrop and wore it for more than 3 hrs but received this message when attempting to sync, read on for a resolution. 

  • Log out and back into the app

Rarely, a bug can cause the result not to display in your app. Log out and back in again to resolve this issue. If this doesn't help and your temp is still missing then, please...

  • Send your app logs to support with a description and the date you missed your temp result. When you send your app log email, you will receive an immediate auto-response if it has been received successfully.   

Our team will let you know why you have experienced this problem which can occur for a number of reasons.

In the meantime, while you wait for an answer from tech support, it's worth a double-check of your wearing position (especially if you are new to Tempdrop). One reason this error can occur is if the sensor shut down overnight due to cooling below 30C/86F. This can happen if your wearing position is incorrect or the armband is not adjusted firmly enough to maintain adequate warmth. You can double-check your wearing position here to rule this reason out.

 If it has been more than 7 days since your missed result, we can't be of assistance but please continue to use your Tempdrop and if the error pops up again, reach out right away. As a best practice, we always recommend syncing your Tempdrop daily unless it's not possible. If you have synced 2-3 nights at once and have a missing night or two, we may not be able to define the cause.

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