Tempdrop app-setup and features

Tempdrop app

This is a syncing app required to retrieve your nightly temperature from your Tempdrop sensor

Google play

App store

Install the app onto your Phone or Tablet, then follow the prompts to create your user account and set your preferences.

App features

  • Your registered user email address* is displayed under menu
  • To reset your user password, log out and select the forgot password option
  • Go to menu to change your temperature preference, intended use information and data permissions**
  • Use the 'Report an issue' option under menu as required when reaching out for support help
  • A pop-up notification will trigger when your battery is running low with instructions for changing


  • Where can I see my Chart?

The app contains a charting feature. Simply press the icon on the top right to view. Alternatively, your Tempdrop temps are yours to use with any trusted app or paper chart. Choose a 3rd party fertility charting app and input your daily results either manually or by auto integration

  • Why is the app asking for location permission?

Location permission is a requirement by Android to allow Bluetooth scanning. You can find more information here

*If you ever need to update your user email address Contact Us with a request

**Usage Data is required if you need tech help and support

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